Mirror, Mirror on the Water - Yosemite


NewTab is simple new tab page with beautiful background images, simple search and no ads or trackers.

Every night, the app collects links to the top images from Reddit via Imgur. The default search engine is DuckDuckGo but you can hit tab to switch to Google.

Made by Ash Rust.

How to Install

Go to Safari's Preferences
Under the General tab, set your homepage to: https://newtab.click
Then set New tabs open with to Homepage
Lastly set New windows open with to Homepage

Chrome & Brave:
The extension for both browsers is available here

Here's how to add Chrome extensions to Edge (scroll down)


This app is provided for free and comes with absolutely no warranty or customer support whatsoever


The code for this project is open source and available on GitHub under the MIT License. An earlier version is also available on Repl.it.


Monitoring provided by UptimeRobot. The Globe icon is from the Vistoon icon pack. The code for displaying query suggestions was adapted from tutorials on W3Schools. Default image by Ricardo Gomez Angel.

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